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Lisbon webinar

Economic Inequalities and Redistribution in Portugal


The Portuguese Public Finance Council, in partnership with Nova SBE, attained in October 7 the webinar “Economic Inequalities and Redistribution in Portugal”.


Inserted in the CFP's 2020 Conference Cycle, the webinar started at 10:00 am on the Zoom platform and was divided into two panels: "Portraits of inequality in Portugal" and "The importance of micro-data: what is missing in Portugal?".


The first conference of this cycle – "Economic Growth and Productivity in Portugal" – took place on March 4 in Coimbra, in partnership with the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra and CeBER.


For any further questions or information, please contact cfp@cfp.pt.

Date of last update: 07/10/2020


Opening Session


Nazaré da Costa Cabral, Chair of the Superior Council of the Portuguese Public Finance Council

Cátia Batista, Director of the Economy Master, Nova SBE

Session I: Portraits of inequality in Portugal

10h30 - 11h30

Nazaré da Costa Cabral (Moderator), Chair of the Superior Council of the Portuguese Public Finance Council

Carlos Farinha Rodrigues, ISEG, University of Lisbon

Marc Morgan, Senior Research Fellow at the World Inequality Lab at the Paris School of Economics and Western Europe Coordinator of the World Inequality Database (WID.world)

11h30 - 11h45

Coffee break

Round Table: The importance of microdata: what is missing in Portugal?

11h45 - 12h30

Susana Peralta (Moderator), Nova SBE

Hélder Reis, Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic

Ariana Paulo, CFP's Technical Coordinator

Rita Ginja, University of Bergen, IZA and IFS