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CFP is honoured to invite you to attend the press conference regarding the OECD's independent review on CFP following an OECD technical mission held in Lisbon in November 2018.


The press conference will take place at 3 pm on 4 February at ISEG (Auditório CGD, Edifício Quelhas, Rua do Quelhas, n.º 6, Lisboa).

Date of last update: 04/02/2019



3 pm

Marcos Bonturi, director for Public Governance OECD department

3:30 pm

Robert Chote, chair of the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) of the United Kingdom and of the Network of Parliamentary Budget Officials and Independent Fiscal Institutions of the OCDE

3:45 pm

Teodora Cardoso, president of CFP’s Senior Board 

4 pm

Questions and answers