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Carlos Marinheiro, Director of the Portuguese Public Finance Council, was one of the guest speakers at the seminar "Economic and Financial Literacy: from information to responsibility", promoted by INA – Instituto Nacional de Administração, on 12 January, at Campus APP, in Lisbon.


In his presentation "The Portuguese Public Finance Council and macroeconomic realism as an instrument of financial responsibility and sustainability", Carlos Marinheiro explained, among other topics, the importance of fiscal sustainability and the role of the CFP in the pursuit of this goal, the relevance of the CFP's endorsement of official macroeconomic forecasts, as well as the institution's concern with communicating the complex concepts of public finance to the general public.


The seminar was opened by Luísa Neto, president of INA, and included the participation of Lúcia Leitão, president of the PNFF Coordination Commission representing the Banco de Portugal, Maria Igreja, CMVM representative on the PNFF Coordination Commission, and Eduardo Pereira, ASF representative on the PNFF Coordination Commission, who explained the axes and scope of financial training, and Mário Monteiro, Director General of the Budget, who presented the topic "The specific knowledge of the State's financial instruments". 

News . 13 January 2023