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The digital house was renewed and modernized to smooth access to information and to add value to public discussion on public accounts and the evolution of the economy. The address remains the same: www.cfp.pt.  

Among the innovations of the site stand out three features:


  • The calendar, in which you can consult the scheduled dates for each regular publication of the CFP and verify that these dates are provisional or if they are confirmed.
  • The boxes, a new area of the site in which are highlighted texts of framing on specific topics of public finances and macroeconomics, always being indicated the report in which the box was originally published.
  • The glossary (only available in Portuguese) that, being a content that was already available, is now more accessible and allows a letter-to-letter query and also a free search (just write the term you are looking for). The document remains available in full for download.

In the CFP menu you can find information about the Council, namely the mission and tasks, the history and the European framework in which it is inserted. Information on governing bodies and access to information is also available in this menu.


Publications are in the menu with the same name and are now organized in the following categories:


  • Situation and constraints
  • Stability Program
  • State Budget
  • Budgetary implementation
  • Risks and sustainability
  • Public Administrations sectors
  • Other publications


It is still possible to search the CFP publications by document type and by date in the right sidebar of the Publications page.


The Data menu continues to provide an updated summary of the CFP macroeconomic forecasts but also those of the Ministry of Finance, the Bank of Portugal, the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund and the Organisation for Cooperation and Economic Development. The annual and quarterly time series of the government budget balance and public debt are still available for consultation (and download).


In addition, the CFP highlights its medium-term scenarios, originally published in the reports "Public Finances: position and constraints".


In the footer there’s direct accesses to the main contents of the website to facilitate navigation.


The new CFP website adapts to all screen sizes. In the case of the smartphone, the main menus are then set to the top-right button (in list).

Date of last update: 14/01/2019

News . 14 January 2019