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Strategic Plan

The Portuguese Public Finance Council today releases its Strategic Plan 2021-2023, which details the institution's planning and organization for that time period.


With the strategic cycle that now begins, 2021-2023, the CFP intends to launch a very ambitious cycle of reforms that aim, on the one hand, to improve its organization and, on the other hand, also to create new technological tools to strengthen its analytical and budget forecasting capacity.


From the point of view of its organization, the definition and clarification of the main mission areas of the CFP. Firstly, an area devoted to macro-fiscal forecasting and analysis, secondly, an area focused on the supervision of fiscal rules and, finally, an area related to the analysis of the risks to the sustainability of Portuguese Public Finances.


Now, as a new feature, in addition to these three mission areas that are clarified, we also have new support areas and a project area. Regarding the support area, we must highlight the new area of Information Systems and Data Science. It is a truly revolutionary area that will enable the CFP to develop infrastructures and information and communication technologies that will allow a better optimization of its analysis capabilities. The development of this new project area is crucial insofar as through it we intend to give a new flexibility to the CFP to be able to carry out specific analysis and research projects that go beyond its usual functional work.


From the organic point of view, we also have important news. In fact, we believe that for the CFP to be recognized as an institution of reference, an institution that promotes transparency and rigor, there must also be improvements in its internal organization.


Thus, we are now approving a new model of governance that is marked, on the one hand, by the redefinition of the CFP's own careers and, on the other hand, by the revision of the most important management instruments, primarily in terms of personnel management. With the creation of three new careers - analyst career, information systems technician career, and administrative career - supported by the new evaluation system, we now have instruments that make it possible to contribute to greater productivity, to a greater capacity for involving CFP workers and, therefore, to an increase in their levels of satisfaction.


Thus, the CFP wants to affirm itself as a center of excellence, with the ability to recruit the best for their qualifications and their technical capabilities and, therefore, from this point of view the CFP wants to lead by example, affirming itself as a place where there are the best conditions to work and to progress from a technical point of view.


We know that we are going through a very complex period, a very difficult period, now that we are still dealing with this very serious pandemic crisis that we are all experiencing. We believe, however, that it is in these moments of crisis that the best seeds are sown, which may later bear fruit.


In the case of the CFP, our goal is to create mechanisms, to create instruments, which will allow us in the future to better enable the CFP's own work so that it may give, within the framework of its legal mandate, its best contribution to help the Country's progress.

Date of last update: 16/06/2021

News . 16 June 2021