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The seminar cycle “Fridays of Reform” was compiled in the book “Towards a comprehensive reform of public governance – Presentations and Comments” which brings together the main statements and comments of 12 sessions over a year and a half, in a joint initiative of the Bank of Portugal, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Portuguese Public Finance Council.

“Fridays of Reform” book

This seminar cycle follows the conference and workshop “Towards a comprehensive reform of public governance” held in January 2013, which brought together world experts in Portugal in transforming the public sector. With this initiative it was aimed a triple effect: outline the importance of a comprehensive reform of the Portuguese Public administration; contribute towards an informed public opinion, which will pressure the political leaders to promote and support the indispensable reform of the public sector; stimulate the outcome of concrete solutions towards the reform of the public sector, adapted to the Portuguese case, but having in consideration the best foreign policies. Over the twelve sessions of the seminar cycle “Fridays of Reform” multiple aspects were discussed under a common objective: State reform.


Towards a comprehensive reform of public governance – Presentations and Comments” (Portuguese only)

Date of last update: 09/12/2014

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