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On this webpage the Portuguese Public Finance Council (CFP) displays a set of general government statistics, in order to facilitate citizens’ access to this fundamental instrument used to evaluate the financial and budgetary situation of the general government.
For a better assessment of budgetary developments, the CFP also presents the budgetary aggregates of general government in adjusted terms, i.e., corrected for the effect of transactions that do not have a permanent impact on public revenue and expenditure levels and thus on the general government net borrowing position.


The source statistics are compiled by INE and Banco de Portugal. The classification of temporary measures, one-off and special factors is of the responsibility of the CFP, and may differ from the classification adopted by other entities. Further information on the temporary effects considered as well as their classification is available in the CFP publications on the budget outturn.


The source data used for compiling this information is available at:


INE - National accounts SEC2010

Banco de Portugal - BPstat

Date of last update: 08/01/2024