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The CFP accepts unsolicited applications for technical positions from people who have the necessary training and experience to contribute to the fulfilling of its tasks.


The following fields are especially relevant:

  • Public finance
  • Economic modelling
  • Economic analysis
  • Sectoral public policies

The CFP values

  • A university education in economics, having been awarded at least a bachelor degree with a minimum final mark of “B” on the ECTS scale or 14 out of 20 at the end of both the first and second cycle of higher education studies, where appropriate;
  • Or a university background in another relevant field provided the applicant fulfils the very special conditions associated with performing the job; 
  • Especially relevant professional experience in one of the aforementioned fields;
  • An excellent academic background, plus the willingness to begin a career in the CFP areas of work;
  • Good writing skills in both Portuguese and English, including the ability to produce clear and concise wording of working documents, plus the ability to make presentations in both Portuguese and English; 
  • An excellent ability to undertake numerical and qualitative analysis and to reach conclusions based on empirical evidence; 
  • The ability to work independently and as part of a team, who are self-motivated and good at task management, especially under deadline pressure.


If you feel you have the qualities needed to make an important contribution to the CFP’s work and are available to or interested in working for us, you should submit an unsolicited application via the application form.


If a recruitment process is underway in the field relating to your unsolicited application, the latter will not be considered. Check here which recruitment processes are ongoing.

Application method

  1. Please complete the form;
  2. Please attach your CV (in Portuguese or English), 
    a) If you have written a final work (report, dissertation or thesis) make sure the subject matter is clearly identified in the document, and provide a summary of the methods used and results obtained;
  3. Please attach a motivation letter;
  4. Please attach the certificate(s) for the most recent qualification(s) awarded, which should clearly state the average mark and classification awarded in each course unit attended.

Spontaneous Application

Fields marked with an asterisk are required.

Only .pdf, .doc, .docx files. Maximum size 5MB.
Only .pdf, .doc, .docx files. Maximum size 5MB.
Only .pdf, .doc, .docx files. Maximum size 5MB.
Only .pdf, .doc, .docx files. Maximum size 5MB.

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