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The Portuguese Public Finance Council, in partnership with Faculdade de Economia da Universidade do Porto, attained in December 10 the webinar “Which fiscal rules do we need after the Covid-19 Crisis?”.


Integrated in the CFP's 2020 Conference Cycle, the webinar started at 14:15 pm on the Zoom platform with interventions of the CFP and FEP representatives. Charles Wyplosz was the keynote speaker of the session that had George Kopits, Maria Manuel Pinho, Paul De Grauwe and Álvaro Aguiar as speakers, divided in two panels.


The webinar’s conclusions were held by Carlos Marinheiro.


The first conference of this cycle – "Economic Growth and Productivity in Portugal" – took place on March 4 in Coimbra, in partnership with the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra and CeBER. The second conference took place on October 7, online, in partnership with Nova SBE.


The webinar was held in English and open to the public.

Date of last update: 10/12/2020


Opening Session

14h15 - 14h30

Nazaré da Costa Cabral, chair of the Senior Board, CFP

José Varejão, director, FEP 

The fiscal rule: simple, flexible and binding


Charles Wyplosz, The Graduate Institute, Geneva

Panel I: What have we learned for the road ahead?


George Kopits, member of the Senior Board, CFP

Maria Manuel Pinho, professor, FEP


Coffee Break

Panel II: New rules for a new era?


Paul De Grauwe, vice-president of the Senior Board, CFP

Álvaro Aguiar, professor, FEP



Carlos Marinheiro, member of the Senior Board, CFP