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Nazaré da Costa Cabral was the closing speaker of the "State Budget 2020" Conference, which took place at Centro Cultural de Belém.


At the event, with two round tables subordinated to the themes "The great lines in tax matters of SB 2020" and "Is this the SB that the country needs?", the Chair of the Portuguese Public Finance Council revealed some challenges facing the country in terms of economic growth, in particular the high burden of public debt in GDP.


Nazaré da Costa Cabral also stressed that «it is possible and fundamental to improve the framework of the public expenditure decision». As the CFP advocates, there is a lack of «instruments that allow the identification of redundancies, inefficiencies and waste, through a careful justification of the need for expenditure and of the consistency of the various spending programmes».


The Conference was organized by Jornal Económico and EY and took place in the Fernando Pessoa room, at the Centro Cultural de Belém, on January 30.

Public interventions . 04 February 2020