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The book “Towards a comprehensive reform of public governance – Presentations and Comments” brings together the main statements and comments of 12 sessions over a year and a half, in a joint initiative of the Bank of Portugal, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Portuguese Public Finance Council.


This seminar cycle follows the conference and workshop “Towards a comprehensive reform of public governance” held in January 2013, which brought together world experts in Portugal in transforming the public sector. With this initiative it was aimed a triple effect: outline the importance of a comprehensive reform of the Portuguese Public administration; contribute towards an informed public opinion, which will pressure the political leaders to promote and support the indispensable reform of the public sector; stimulate the outcome of concrete solutions towards the reform of the public sector, adapted to the Portuguese case, but having in consideration the best foreign policies.

Other Publications . Book . 05 December 2014