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The Portuguese Public Finance Council (CFP) publishes its Opinion on the Macroeconomic Forecasts underlying the 2016 Draft Budgetary Plan produced in line with the European rules and the Budgetary Framework Law (Law no. 151/2015 of 11 September) which states that the projections underlying the budgetary programming documents shall be based on the most likely macroeconomic scenario or on a more prudent scenario.


The constraints surrounding the presentation of DBP/2016 also had a bearing on the Opinion which the Portuguese Public Finance Council (CFP) is required to produce on the underlying macroeconomic forecasts. This led to the need for shorter and more flexible deadlines than those laid down in the Memorandum signed between the Ministry of Finance (MF) and the CFP in February 2015.

State Budget . Opinion nº 1/2016 . 21 January 2016