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The chair of CFP joined today the conference celebrating the 89 years of IGF – Inspeção-Geral de Finanças called "Audit, supervisory and evaluation authorities – perspectives, goals and partnerships" that took place in Nova University of Lisbon.


Nazaré da Costa Cabral was the speaker of the closing lecture regarding the subject of budgetary surveillance. In her speech, argued that "budgetary responsibility is a political asset and, as such, yields electoral dividends".


"This means that the good government is now considered to be the one who knows how to correspond to the desires and needs of the electorate, but that it is also capable, at the same time, to bear an effective short and medium-term commitment to budgetary responsibility," said the chair of CFP, adding that "fiscal watchdogs have contributed decisively to this paradigm shift".


Also present at the conference were the Secretary of State and Finance, Ricardo Mourinho Félix, the president of the Competition Authority, Margarida Matos Rosa, the member of the Securities Market Commission board José Miguel Almeida, and the chair of IGF, Vítor Braz.

Nazaré da Costa Cabral
Public interventions . 28 June 2019