CFP publishes the Report "Public Finance: Position and Constraints 2018-2022"

15 March 2018

The Portuguese Public Finance Council (CFP) publishes the Report Public Finance: Position and Constraints 2018-2022 that presents its macro-fiscal forecasts for such period. The CFP projects the Portuguese economy will continue to grow, although at a slower rate, coupled with favourable developments in the public accounts. It is a no-policy-change projection, tha... Read more >>

CFP releases indicative calendar of scheduled publications for 2018

1 March 2018

The Portuguese Public Finance Council (CFP) will release 12 regular publications throughout 2018. Twice a year, a report entitled “Public Finance: Position and Constraints” is pr... Read more >>

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CFP publishes working paper on the macro-fiscal model used to design the Portuguese economy

6 March 2018

The working paper “Introducing the Portuguese Macro-Fiscal (PMF) model: A framework for projecting the Portuguese Economy”, by Nuno Gonçalves and André Moreira, presents the cu... Read more >>

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